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Do you struggle with living up to the expectations of other people? Read on to discover and learn how to let go.

Expectations are part of life. As human beings, we have expectations and can’t help but expect from others. We also have the innate nature to try and live up to these expectations set by people. That’s just how life works. However, what makes it a negative thing is when it abnormally becomes too much that it weighs as a burden. On that note, the adversity arises when we reach to a point of living for the approval of other people.

This burden of consistently living up to the expectations of other people with the aim of their approval smears a blur between the line of the way others see us and who we really are.

We become lost and confused. It’s like a part of us has been stolen away from us. 

Chloe The Left Behind Angel by Elaine Vanderberg delves into the entanglement of self-doubt and fear of not meeting the expectations set by others. It provides a transformative power to encourage resilience to conquer and let go of the immense burden caused by others’ expectations.

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Living By Others’ Expectations: A Crippling Burden 

Imagine a life of just religiously living up to the expectations of other people. This struggle becomes a more immense burden when you sternly live up for their approval. The idea of seeking others’ approval holds you back from your true self. It hinders you from thriving in the rawness and authenticity within you. It’s like you are living a life for their sake. It is crippling you from living your life your way. 

The thing is, majority of the time, expectations are unrealistic which could potentially be impossible to reach. If you constantly strive to meet unreasonably high and unrealistic expectations, you will inevitably find yourself feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. 

When we fail to meet or live up to these expectations, we breed loathe and anger toward ourselves. Not only that, but it also impedes our ability to make decisions, drowned out by the voices of others. The ability to hold an opinion loosens its grasp, and our self-esteem drops into the void where mental health issues lie.

The fear of expressing yourself heightens, and the feelings you hold become buried deep underground. 

Putting the Expectations of Others in Perspective

It’s important to be reminded that the expectations of others are theirs and not yours. If they set unreasonably high expectations from you and obliged you to meet them, well, it’s their problem, not yours.

Letting go and saying farewell to others’ expectations implies keeping them in their proper place. While the input of others might also be helpful for personal growth, we must also remember not to lose the inner voice within us.

It’s okay to have limitations and to acknowledge that some expectations don’t matter, especially when they’re detrimental to your mental health. Instead of striving for perfection for others’ sake, it’s better to focus on cultivating your inner voice and following a path that’s yours. Learning to let go of others’ expectations takes some time and effort, but it is undoubtedly attainable.

Nurture an Inner Voice: Be Affirmative

Being affirmative is about having the confidence to assert your thoughts, beliefs, and desires. It’s about recognizing that your opinions and needs are just as valid as those of others and that you have a right to express them. 

By nurturing your inner voice, you can learn to trust your instincts and let go of the pressure to conform to others’ expectations. This allows you to move forward in a direction that feels true to your values and goals. At the end of the day, your life is yours to live, and you have the power to shape it in a way that brings you joy and fulfillment. 

So don’t let the opinions or expectations of others hold you back from being your authentic self. Embrace your unique perspective and let it guide you toward a life that is truly your own.

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